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I have sooo many words to say about my experience, but I'll save that for later on in this post. first things first, I was only at anime expo for the weekend (2 days) but got the 4 day pass because it would've been cheaper & I really did not want to wait in line for 2 days straight to get each pass when I had better things to do.
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I normally don't buy anything that's 'featured' on facebook or instagram, but for weeks I kept seeing ads for this wave ring and I got curious. I ended up getting matching rings for me and my bestie, and a lot more than I anticipated!
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最纯真的梦想 已被遗忘在身旁, 跌跌撞撞 反复期望又失望
hello, welcome to my blog. you can call me diana. i'll mostly be posting reviews, hauls, about my travels and the like here.

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