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I know this is super long overdue since a lot of stuff came up irl, but I figured I'd still make a post since I already took all the photos lol. this is yumetwins' september box! the theme for this particular month is "new lifestyle." it's $23.99USD per month + $6 s/h. 

as a disclaimer, this is not sponsored. I actually pay for this box monthly (unless you decide to skip a month!)

the periwinkle box everything comes in is so cute. seriously, everything about the physical box is super cute.

when you first open up the box, the brochure with the theme of the month is on top.

no but seriously, the inside of the box is SO CUTE.

stuffed to the brim with goodies! official goodies!

this september box comes with 9 items. each monthly box comes with 8~10 items, which can be different from month to month.

the brochure is super pretty & colorful with the yumetwins mascots on the front! 

the inside details all the items in the box!

2 plushies were included in this month's box! on the left is the shinada palm size plushie (comes in either black or white) and on the right is the shinada fruit colored baby nature plushie (comes in green, orange, pink, or blue.)

everything in each box is guaranteed to be 100% official, unlike some other monthly subscription boxes *ahem*

the next item in the box is the peko-chan mini towel (comes in pink, blue, or tan)

not sure when I'd use this, but I think it'd be good to travel with since it's a pretty small towel.

the back side

one of my favorite items in the box!!! a neko atsume cup! it comes in either pink or yellow.

I actually haven't gotten around to using it yet, but I definitely will! it's so cute.

on the left is little twin stars post-it notes and on the right is little twin stars oil blotting sheets (which comes in 2 colors/styles, pink or white)

the back side. both even have the official sanrio sticker

the oil blotting sheets are so cute. when you open them up, the twins pop up. I don't think I can bear to use something this adorable, LOL.

this particular month came with a complimentary mystery tokyo treat item. i happened to get lotte's koala's march cookie chocolate and honestly, I was a little disappointed haha. it's very similar to hello panda and this item is actually made by a korean company so.....

there was also a doraemon mini-figure blind box from re-ment. not sure what I'll do with this, but it's cute.

I happened to get #8

inside the box was the figure itself, a little brochure of sorts showing the other possible figures, and a piece of candy/gum.

last, but definitely not least! is the sanrio blind bag bath bomb. 

there's 4 different versions you can get (hello kitty, my melody, purin, or 1 of the two gudetamas.) of those 5 possible figures, you also have a chance to get the ultra special gold version of a mini figure inside!

I happened to get hello kitty. it smells really good, but I haven't gotten around to using it yet.

the bath bomb is actually quite small, but it'll definitely be good for a nice, long soak in the tub.

overall, I'm very pleased with the items in this month's box. of course, some items were a miss and others were a hit but that's to be expected in a subscription box. I know that this box is a bit pricier compared to other Japanese subscription boxes, but you certainly do get what you pay for. all the items (at least to my knowledge) are 100% official merchandise and aren't fakes/knock-offs. my favorite items were definitely the plushies (I hoard them like a pack mouse, oops) but what I loved is that most of the items are practical to some degree and weren't just tossed in because the item happened to look "kawaii." 

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