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my long overdue colourpop haul, but ayyyy. here it is. if you spend over $30 you can get free domestic shipping within the USA.

everything arrived within days after I placed my order, seriously amazing.

I tried to get a variety of products, but I mostly got lip products

I got 4 ultra matte lips

ouiji, bianca, lumiere 2, and scrooge (no longer available)

also got an ultra satin lip, creme gel liner, and lippie stix

lumiere, swerve liner, and dohee (which is no longer available)

left to right: dohee, scrooge, lumiere 2, bianca, and ouiji

the color pay off is amazing on all of them, but I've learnt that I need to exfoliate my lips more often because the mattes don't look as good if you don't have smooth lips. all you need is 2 coats and you'll be good to go.

the lumiere lippie stix is a nice texture and goes on so smoothly. it's pretty moisturizing too and the color pay off is nice.

the gel eyeliner is amazing, omg. it glides on so nicely and it's probably one of the best eyeliners I've tried that isn't a liquid eyeliner. it's very dark and pigmented.

swatches from left to right: dohee, scrooge, lumiere 2, ouiji, bianca, lumiere, and swerve liner

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