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this is long over due, but better late than never! I went to my first anime expo this year, though I only went for saturday ;;; next year though, I'm definitely going to try to go all 4 days since 1 day was definitely not enough to explore artist alley or the panels.

I woke up at 5am to drive up to LA and traffic actually wasn't that bad until it got to the exit, lol. took about 20+ minutes to move the half mile to get to the closest parking structure. after parking, the line for checking in was pretty long but it went be really fast. probably because it was the second day and those with 4 day badges got their's the day before (thank goodness.) 

I actually wasn't going to go to anime expo but when aqours was announced to be a guest I spent a lot of hours contemplating on whether or not to go. but on the day the tickets for the event went on sale, I took the plunge and asked my friend lily to buy my ticket too OTL spent the whole day with her and another friend, charlotte. no photos of us since we spent most of our time running around and buying stuff LOL.

we weren't allowed to take any photos, video recording, or audio recording but omg I didn't think I'd cry during the event but I definitely teared up ahhhh ;;; ruby's voice actress is SO CUTE and dia's voice actress was so lovely, ahhh my heart. I had a blast, and while our seats weren't in the center we had a fantastic view.

we also had tickets for the 'free gift' which turned out to be a huge towel (which I may or may not hang up in my room, heh) but we didn't have the time to pick them up since the lines were so long every where. lily, however, went to pick them up the next day and she said she'll mail it to me eventually so !!!!! pretty exicted, haha.

 oh yes! while waiting in line for the aqours event, LLUpdates was giving out these little baggies with 'solo yolos' and 5 heart candies (super cute idea, btw) and I was the only one who got a rare. and of course it was honks. OF COURSE.

we only had the energy to go through maybe half of artist alley since it was so warm and there was so many people (and omg, some people's B.O. was terrible) but I'm so happy with the prints I got !!!! I was hoping to find more haikyuu prints, but I'll definitely keep my eyes open for online stores and there's always next year too. one thing I was surprised about was that a lot of artists didn't have a variety of sizes of their prints, but on the other hand I understand that it can get expensive since you have to have the prints on hand at the booths.

I was originally going to buy some official love live cds, but they didn't have the ones I wanted (or it came with a bluray which made the prices so much higher) but I did buy 2 alpacasso plushies! they're sooooo cute, I'm really happy with them.

overall, I had a blast at anime expo! only downsides was that it was really hot outside most of the day, the a/c was broken in artist alley, and I got lost maybe.... 3 times lol! this makes me want to go again next year, and for 4 days! plus I really wanna cosplay next year and since it wasn't short notice like this time was, I have time to prepare costumes and such. ahhhh, I wish I had gone 2 days this year but alas... oh well! next time~

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